picture of tim Tim Colonius
Frank and Ora Lee Marble Professor of Mechanical Engineering
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Postdoctoral Scholar
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Senior Postdoctoral Scholar
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Senior Postdoctoral Scholar
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Graduate Research Assistant
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Graduate Research Assistant
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Graduate Research Assistant
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Graduate Research Assistant
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Graduate Research Assistant
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Graduate Research Assistant

Former Graduate Students

Kamran Mohseni (2000) A: Universality in vortex formation; B: Evaluation of Mach wave radiation in a supersonic jet.

Jeff Eldredge (2001) A dilating vortex particle method for compressible flow with application to aeroacoustics

Clarence Rowley (2001) Modeling, simulation, and control of cavity flow oscillations

Alastair Preston (2004) Modeling and computation of bubbly cavitating flow

Michel Tanguay (2004) Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Shockwave Lithotripsy

Hongyu Ran (2005) Numerical Study of the Dynamics and Sound Generation of a Turbulent Vortex Ring

Guillaume Brès (2007) Numerical simulations of three-dimensional instabilities in cavity flows

Eric Johnsen (2008) Numerical simulations of non-spherical bubble collapse with applications to shockwave lithotripsy

Kunihiko Taira (2008) The immersed boundary projection method and its application to simulation and control of flows around low-aspect-ratio wings

Jennifer Franck (2009) Large-eddy simulation of flow separation and control on a wall-mounted hump

Keita Ando (2010) Effects of polydispersity in bubbly flows

Kristján Guðmundsson (2010) Instability Wave Models of Turbulent Jets from Round and Serrated Nozzles

Won Tae Joe (2010) Optimized feedback control of vortex shedding on an inclined flat plate

Jeffrey Krimmel (2010) Numerical simulation of wave focusing and scattering in shock wave lithotripsy

Vedran Coralic (2015) Simulation of shock-induced bubble collapse with application to vascular injury in shockwave lithotripsy

Jeesoon Choi (2016) Unsteady aerodynamics and optimal control of an airfoil at low Reynolds number

Sebastian Liska (2016) Fast Lattice Green's Function Methods for Viscous Incompressible Flows on Unbounded Domains

Jomela Meng (2016) Numerical Simulations of Droplet Aerobreakup

Aaron Towne (2016) Advancements in jet turbulence and noise modeling: accurate one-way solutions and empirical evaluation of the nonlinear forcing of wavepackets

Hsieh-Chen Tsai (2016) Numerical Investigation of Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines at Low Reynolds Number